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Cus (Boy) and Speedy (Little Creature)
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E. Chou, 9 years old, finishes Drills 1 and 2 with almost no mistakes in 1'07".

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A 9-year-old IQ Abacus student was taking the Certification Exam conducted by The US Mental Math Foundation.

He was using the Abacus Mental Math method in solving the 4 to 5 digits +/- questions. At the end of the 3-minute test, he finished 12 questions, of which 11 were correct. Can you detect the question that he missed?

Abacus Mental Math Inquiry
Abacus + Singapore Math
= "Singbacus®"
Develop and Release the Potential of Your Child!
  • Abacus establishes a clear concept of numbers and place values
  • Computation is no longer a burden and math is loved

Singapore Math Inquiry
Singapore Math+
World #1 Math Curriculum
Build and Strengthen a Math Foundation!
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Strengthening mathematical concepts

English Reading/Writing Inquiry
Write to the Path of Success!
  • Vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and writing skills are developed
  • the Spalding Method is used for spelling and pronunciation

Mathlete Team & Camp Inquiry
Teams & Camps
  • The team is for students whose math level is at Grade 6 and above
  • The national or world scale math competitions including Speedy Math, AMC8/10/12, and MATHCOUNTS will be the focus

SAT Math/English Inquiry
Reach the highest SAT score!
  • Solve SAT problems in an un-typical way
  • Avoid traps built into the questions