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"... Many people don't like math, because they probably don't know how to do it or they think it is too complicated. I was once one of those people. But it was changed soon after my mom signed me up for a class at IQ Abacus. ... My experience with math has changed life, more, now that I can do math problems easily. I have developed a likeness of math, and it all started out from my mom, IQ Abacus, and friends that supported me along the way."

Student, Melody Y., 9-year-old girl (1/23/2008)
"Excellent thinker - understands concepts deeply. Also, very fast with computations!"

Melody Y.'s teacher @ Cielo Elementary, Stacy Lulily,  (1/23/2008)
"... I got 100% on my math tests and I usually finished first. One day, the principal gave our whole third grade a challenge question and I was the first to answer and the answer was right! The principal gave me a donut for it in front of the whole grade and it was good!"

Student, Karina T., 8-year-old girl (1/18/2008)
"... IQ Abacus has really turned Karina from someone who was not so keen in math to now really enjoys and does well in math. Most importantly, we as parents are happy to see that she enjoys and has confidence with her mathematics."

Parent, Sabrina D., 8-year-old girl (1/18/2008)
"... Math is fun at IQ Abacus School. I gained a lot of points by doing homework. You can spend your points for toys or other things. ... My level at math is 5th grade and Pro 1 in mental math. We went to San Francisco for an international competition. I got the first place! It was so cooool."

Student, Bronson W., 8-year-old boy (1/9/2008)
"... In my regular school, I can do math faster than anyone in the class! It is pretty cool learning math. At IQ Abacus, you can even do math on the computer. If you have problems, you can always communicate with the teachers on the computer. Going to IQ Abacus and learn is so much fun. You should join and look what we did."

Student, Cindy W., 10-year-old girl (12/15/2007)
"... I have now tested and passed the level two examination. After several years of hard work and practice, I am able to add ten consecutive numbers with two decimal places, multiply two digits by and another set of two digits, and divide four digits by a set of two digits mentally. This is a very valuable, ancient, and useful skill to accommodate, and will help encourage children that math is a very interesting universe."

Student, Lindsey C., 11-year-old-girl (7/10/2007)
"I am so glad that my friend referred my child to start the mental math learning with Ms. Chiou about a month ago. Ms. Chiou is so enthusiastic and always available for questions not only in person, but also by emails and by phone. I was worried about my child's mathematical level ever since she entered the public school. Her concept in numbers was blurry and she could not even take care simple 1-digit additions.

Now that I heard her singing the abacus song happily everyday and she is doing Times Table with ease. Evidently she has built up a good concept in numbers. Now she is making a good progress on the calculation skills in just a month. The best of all, I can see confidence on my girl's face when she is working on the school homeworks."

Parent, Charles T., 7 year-old girl (9/26/2003)

"Math is no longer bored and hard ever since my daughter took Ms. Chiou's abacus class. Her unique tecahing style creats lots of fun for children to understand math. My daughter loves to sing so she is happy to sing along with Ms. Chiou and meanwhile learn abacus math just that easy!

Without any unplesant learning curve to overcome, my daughter becomes proficient in Times Table and multiplications within less than three months of learning abacus"

Parent, Tan-Min D., 7 year-old girl (9/15/2003)

"I am regret that I am not a school-age boy. Otherwise, I can learn the wonderful math skill and be as good as my son's math level in mental calculations. Thanks to IQ Abacus Math School, I am proud of my son."

Parent, Phil K., 6-year-old boy (08/08/2003)
"I am impressed by the progress my son has made after he took Ms. Chiou's Mental Math class for 4 months. He is now able to do 2 digits additions mentally without external help. 4 moths ago, he was still using his fingers to count simple 1 digit additions, and I was afraid that it's too early for him to start the Mental Math.

Right now, his kidergarden teacher is also suprised that his mathematics is so advanced at his age and would need to give him independent materials to do at the school. This is the most worderful enrichment program I have ever signed up for my boy. Thank you IQ Abacus Math and Ms. Ruey-in Chiou."

Parent, Debra C., 5 year-old boy (02/27/2003)